PersonalAll our employees work closely together for your success. The skills of each individual combined, represents a formidable total of available talent.

In our company the employees are the decisive factor for the successful handling of your projects. Especially in our business sector the service is rendered by the employees. It is not just the individual employee on the spot but also and especially the supporting teamwork of all colleagues.

For us, expert qualification and technical knowledge are as important as a focused customer orientation, since the successful implementation of an automation project tailor-made to your requirements, guarantees our success.

The Management

Dipl. Ing. Lothar Knöbel                       Dipl. Ing. Martin Messer

Messrs. Knöbel and Messer are both directors of our company.

Based on many years’ experience in planning and implementing automation projects in major engineering systems, Messrs. Knöbel and Messer have established themselves very successfully in the market of automation processes in the cement and building-material industry.

In addition, Mr. Knöbel is responsible for laboratory automation, mixing operation systems and high-storage warehousing, while Mr. Messer is the expert in the area of special mechanical engineering and production systems in the glass industry.

However, what counts for our customers: One company - one team. No matter with whom you talk to, you will always get competent advice.