PLC Systems

PLC SystemeFlexible manufacturing means higher challenges for production machinery and production systems. Shorter amortisation times enable management to react in a more flexible way to market changes. On the other hand, this will also result in a shorter operational life of the systems and will require faster automation and restructuring cycles. About 15 years ago, the lifetime of an automation system was considered to last 15 to 20 years, whereas nowadays 5 to 10 years are regarded as the maximum operational time. This means that many plants are using a broad spectrum of different automation systems consisting of different system generations.

Our long-term experience with different SIMATIC automation system generations enables us to produce and maintain a broad spectrum of equipment.

Selection of systems we use and maintain:

Process control systems  

SIMATIC PC  S7 / V 5.x - V8

CEMAT V1 - Cemat V7

SIMATIC S5 PLC controler

S5 - 115U, S5 - 135U, S5 - 155U
S5 - 130W/K, S5 -  150K/S
S5 - 95U, S5 - 100U

  Communication Modules

Punkt zu Punkt CP 525/524/523
SINEC H1Ethernet CP 1430
SINEC L2 Profi Bus IMP308C

  Intelligent Peripherie

Wegeerfassung IP 240
Zählerbaugruppe IP242/242A
Positionierbagruppe IP246/247

  Weighing Modules

Siwarex S, Siwarex M

SIMATIC S7 PLC controler

S7 - 400
S7 - 300

   Communication Modules

Punkt zu Punkt CP 411
Ethernet CP 443-1
Profibus CP 443-5 (DP/FMS)

HMI / Visualisation  

WINCC Flexible
Coros LSB / LSC
INTOUCH / Wonderware